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Dissertation Proposal or Research Proposal Writing Service

Dissertations are hard enough, but dissertation proposals can be tricky as well. Your proposal needs to be a plausible outline of a given research project, and the scope must be unique and workable. As such, it can take a great deal of time reading materials and papers relevant to your project, taking notes on any existing gaps in literature and research, and putting together something which answers all questions and ticks all boxes. This might take anything between 3 months and 1 year.

Your dissertation proposal, or any research proposal, is the foundation on which your entire dissertation or research is built.
Getting it right is therefore crucial, and can prove very handy to look at when it comes to writing your thesis or dissertation.

At EssayConsul we offer you professional dissertation proposal writing services that will be accepted by your professor or tutor. Leave it with us.

At EssayConsul our professional writers’ provide a custom or template dissertation proposal write-up, which usually goes through the following process:

  • All-round research into the proposed research topic; checking the uniqueness of the topic and contribution to the field.
  • Ascertain the level of knowledge and competency of the student, in putting together methodology and level of study.
  • Conducting a brief literature survey.
  • Gathering of literature, reading relevant literatures.
  • Sufficient literatures gathered extensively, especially when it comes to a Doctoral or PhD research proposal (the more you move up the academic ladder- the more quality research is expected from you as a student) – we have you covered there!
  • Drafting an abstract which must bear in mind the expected results- you might have to wait until halfway the research road before you write this as a student. A professional writer might be able to predict accurately what should be expected of the research.
  • Constructing a problem statement, developing a structure for the thesis objective of the research, putting together a research plan, developing hypothesis, exploring theoretical frameworks, designing a methodology and creating a bibliography.
  • Your research proposal goes through a peer review process, which is mainly academics above your academic level. All peer reviewers are external.
  • Plagiarism and structural problems are addressed by our in-house EssayConsul editing/evaluation team.
  • Your research proposal is delivered to you.