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At EssayConsul our writing scope is interdisciplinary. Our literature review writing service provides you with an in-depth critical appraisal of the academic literatures relevant to your research project or dissertation.

The literature review writing service delivers a custom/model solution that examines recent literatures related to your field of study, and seeks to find out the gaps in those literatures to build on them for the generation of new knowledge.

Whether you are writing a literature review for your BSc, MA,MSc,MPhil or PhD, EssayConsul has professional academic experts that can formulate a custom/template solution for you.

What are the requirements of a sound literature review

Right from the writing of your research proposal or dissertation proposal, you might have identified the problem statement or background of the study, or highlighted the originality of your thesis. However, on its own this is not totally the main purpose of a literature review. Instead of simply disclosing the background of the research, your literature review should turn be an integral part of the research. A strong literature review should not identify important literatures, but also form a critical logical synthesis of recent research and arguments in the field which eventually reveal the strengths and gaps of the research.

Among other things a literature review must:

  • Identify the theoretical background as well as justification for the research project, which would be revealed while illustrating the gaps in existing research. The theoretical background also demonstrates a knowledge of existing conceptual and theoretical perspectives relevant to the research.
  • Demonstrate the robust knowledge of relevant and upto-date research ,outlining the major lines of argument, theories and perspectives that have been discussed in the field.
  • Collate the existing knowledge , critically evaluate existing research projects similar to the present theme of research.
  • Have a clearly defined scope of study, which declares what would be investigated and provide arguments compatible to the literature that would be discussed, and stating why certain literatures were left out.
  • Possess a critical tone to certain selected literatures, examining the strengths, weaknesses of positions, methodologies, and arguments.
  • Find the limitations of existing research work and the gaps to be addressed by your research, constructing logical connections between the gaps in the research ,the aims of your project and pointing out how your research questions would query the gaps found or find a befitting research closure to those gaps.
  • Declaration of the conceptual framework for the research in terms of reader clarification regarding hypotheses, methodology, analyses, and how they should be understood which represents the foundation of your research.

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