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Essay writing, dissertation writing or term paper write up; simplified for students

We understand the demands and potential difficulties faced by students.   

At Essay consul, we offer custom services ranging from advicing, tutoring to providing model essays or dissertation templates. We have specialised writers for each academic disciplines, ready to help you at all times and whenever you need essay or dissertation help.

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Essay Consul is based in Germany. However, we have good connections and working relationships  with our agents and researchers all over Europe. Whether you are based in London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester , Paris, Dundee, Berlin, Frankfurt, Oslo, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, or Brussels. Our representatives and agents are available and ready to help. Drop us an email and see how we can help you with your research.

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Writing, researching and putting projects together can be arduous, difficult and time consuming, especially with larger projects.  Student life is busy; your dissertation, essay or term paper might be a work in progress, but maybe they lose the specified direction, structure and goals as other committments call for your attention.  At Essay Consul we are the all seeing eye; we work to give you quality advice, tutoring, research forecasting, and are here to help in crucial preparations for a thesis defence or oral presentation.  

We edit projects , advice on your essay structure, dissertations or term papers, over a well-established timeline . Are you a Doctoral student?  No problem: we can help here too, providing step by step advice and assistance throughout the process of putting your thesis together.